Nuclear Science and Engineering Program

The Colorado School of Mines welcomes you to take a close look at the graduate degree program in Nuclear Science and Engineering. Through this program, students may receive a graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering. In addition, students enrolled in allied graduate programs may participate in the Nuclear Science and Engineering program through one or more of the numerous minor degree offerings provided.

The Nuclear Science and Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines is an interdisciplinary program drawing on contributions from the Departments of Applied Math and Statistics, Chemistry and Geochemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Liberal Arts and International Studies, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Physics. While delivering a traditional Nuclear Engineering course core, the School of Mines program in Nuclear Science and Engineering emphasizes the nuclear fuel life cycle. Faculty bring to the program expertise in all aspects of the nuclear fuel life cycle; fuel exploration and processing, nuclear power systems production, design and operation, fuel recycling, storage and waste remediation, radiation detection and radiation damage as well as the policy issues surrounding each of these activities. Related research is conducted in CSM's Nuclear Science and Engineering Center.

Graduate degrees available in Nuclear Engineering through the Nuclear Science and Engineering program include;

  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy

In addition, students majoring in allied fields may complete a minor degree program, consisting of 12 credit hours of coursework, through the Nuclear Science and Engineering Program. Minor programs are designed to allow students in allied fields to acquire and then indicate, in a formal way, specialization in a nuclear-related area of expertise.

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