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Reactor Design

Reactor design

Nuclear power is now in its sixth decade, and considered by many to be an essential component of efforts to limit climate change.  However, the events at Fukushima, low gas prices, and long standing concerns over waste disposal and weapons proliferation have put its future in doubt as never before.  The sustainability of nuclear power as a low carbon energy source will require a new generation of reactors and fuel cycles that are safer and that will reduce environmental and geopolitical impacts.  Future reactors will need to take advantage of advanced design and construction techniques to reduce capital costs, operational risk, and the generation of waste.

Faculty in the Nuclear Science and Engineering program at The Colorado School of Mines are working on advanced reactors and fuel cycles that limit the production of long lived radioactive material.  Modular designs and systems that can run without the need for enrichment or reprocessing are also under study.

Faculty and researchers

  • Mark Deinert
  • Jeff King
  • Andrew Osborne
  • Zeev Shayer
  • Doug Van Bossuyt

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