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Nuclear Fuel Cycles

Nuclear fuel cycles

In its simplest terms, Nuclear Fuel Cycles encompass all of the processes that affect the material and isotopic streams that move into, through, and out of nuclear reactors.  Because of this, research on Nuclear Fuel Cycles sits at the heart of the environmental, economic and geopolitical issues that surround the use and development of nuclear energy systems in this country and abroad.  

Faculty in the Nuclear Science and Engineering program at The Colorado School of Mines are actively involved in research on all aspects of current and advanced fuel cycles.  Our program is unique in having faculty who are experts in uranium resources, spent fuel reprocessing, the physical and chemical processes that affect the disposal of radiological materials, and fuel cycle economics.

Faculty and researchers

  • Jen Braley
  • Mark Deinert
  • Rod Eggert
  • Uwe Greife
  • Mark Jensen
  • Jeff King
  • Andrew Osborne

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