Degree Programs - Nuclear Science and Engineering - Colorado School of Mines

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Degree Programs

Graduate degrees available in Nuclear Science and Engineering include:

  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Students in all three Nuclear Engineering graduate degree programs are exposed to a broad systems overview of the complete nuclear fuel cycle as well as having detailed expertise in a particular component of the cycle. All three degree options share a common core curriculum in the fundamentals that underlay the research areas of the faculty. The Master of Engineering is a non-thesis graduate degree intended to supplement the student's undergraduate degree by providing the core knowledge needed to prepare the student to pursue a career in the nuclear engineering field. The Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are thesis-based degrees that emphasize research. In addition, students majoring in allied fields may complete a minor degree program, consisting of 12 credit hours of coursework, through the Nuclear Science and Engineering Program. Minor programs are designed to allow students in allied fields to acquire and then indicate, in a formal way, specialization in a nuclear-related area of expertise.

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