Mark Jensen

My research interests are focused on the nuclear fuel cycle, ranging from mechanisms of selectivity in chemical separations to biologically based metal separations and the biochemistry and environmental chemistry of the transuranium elements. Mark has been studying the chemistry of the actinide and lanthanide elements as a scientist in the Heavy Element Chemistry and Separation Science Group at Argonne National Laboratory for the past twenty years. He received his Ph.D. in Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry from Florida State University.


Jarrod Gogolski

My research is focused on the use of actinide-protein complexes for nuclear fuel cycle separations.

Virginia Premo

My research is focused on monitoring the concentration and spatial distribution of plutonium in mammalian cells using fission track analysis.

Gabriela Picayo

My research is focused on developing faster solvent extraction separations of actinide and lanthanide ions by understanding the chemistry underlying phase transfer reactions.

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